God is first… I am second

Lately I’ve noticed that people are constantly searching for better solutions to life problems. They struggle to understand the reasoning of it all and are left with dreams of how life would be without troubles. What frustrates me is that I can fill them with logic and human reasoning as to how to make themselves feel better, but the moment God is mentioned they shut me down and say I don’t understand. To give advice that does not include God says that I know the definite answer to those problems and no longer need His assistance. This is to declare yourself self-sufficient. There’s hypocrisy in these actions for most of all people say they believe in God. A declaration in the belief of God means that you have accepted His Holy Scriptures which state He is the creator of all things; thus the solution to every problem. Then, to hear this consistent complaining about bad circumstances is emotionally exhausting. With no hope in their eyes, negativity is the only substance protruding from them. If they only knew how draining it is to the people around them. No one wants to continue listening to this negativity; consequently, they lose those friends and in turn are left feeling lonely with unsolved issues that don’t seem to go away.

“Why is it I have to go through all this pain all the time?… It isn’t fair!”


Why is it that people refuse to accept the belief they proclaim? If you say you believe in God, then what actions of your life say so? Is it not hypocritical to say you believe there is a higher being who intricately designed everything that exist, but then live a life reflecting a world that rotates around you and your needs alone?

There are many difficult trials and tribulations we are faced with throughouta lifetime. A life withouthigher meaning and purpose leaves room for darkness, pain, hopelessness, hatred, iniquity, etc; creating an endless hole in the heart that consumes everything and is never satisfied. It is not until the truth has been spoken and the eyes opened, that you find a seal for this torn heart. It’s only in God, the creator, that we find ourselves whole. It’s only through Jesus, the saviour, that we find ourselves with God. The only true advice to every problem you face, is to declare yourself second and God first.

The I Am Second ministry has allowed those, who have been faced with many different and difficult hardships, to share with the world how they found the solution and are unbelievably happy. They are set free from the burdens of this life and live in abundant joy, for they have purpose and a reason to live. With all this said, I’m Blake Dupre, and I am second.